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Major Annoucement Press Release

Equity Bank And Trust Enters the Domestic Market

Equity Bank And Trust Bahamas is now offering local private banking services after receiving approval from the Central Bank of The Bahamas as a B$ Authorized Agent.

Equity’s entry into the domestic market will allow Bahamians greater access to global financial markets by tapping into the professional expertise and knowledge that Equity has been offering to its global clientele for more than 30 years.

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由700多個島嶼組成,小島和珊瑚礁分佈在大西洋10萬平方英里的範圍內,巴哈馬群島接近大多數人對天堂的想法,並且很容易被美國居民接觸到。 最近的比米尼島距佛羅里達州東海岸僅50英里,而首府拿騷距離邁阿密僅45分鐘的航程。

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Equity Bank and Trust Bahamas:關於拉丁美洲的看法

隨著非洲大陸經濟增長步伐的加快,拉丁美洲代表著Equity Bank Bahamas Limited建立其精品私人銀行業務的巨大潛力。 狄龍迪恩就提供的“重大潛力”發表了自己的觀點,不僅擴大了該銀行在巴西,墨西哥和其他主要市場的富裕客戶關係,而且幫助巴哈馬提升其作為通往美洲門戶的地位。

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News coverage of Equity's 2nd Annual Art Exhibition: Master Artists Unleash Creativity with a portion of proceeds donated to the Ranfurly Homes for Children.

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